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From Our Customers

 - "My boyfriend and I are obsessed with your marinated feta! We love it so much. I love it too much, in fact. I ate the whole jar without him...."

- Katherine K.
August 15, 2016


- I just received your Van Sormon cheese in the mail today.... I couldn't believe how much more delicious it was - so much milder, so much fresher, and just so easy to eat. 

Thank you so much, Brazos Valley, for one of the best cheeses I have ever eaten in my life. :)

Also, your customer service is Top Notch. More should follow your model. I spoke to Marc, Denise, Abigail, and Garry on the phone, and I was floored by how kind, hard working, and professional everyone was.

I am a happy customer. :) Love you All!


- Karen G.
June 3, 2015


 - "I think Brazos Valley makes the best raw cheese - especially your smoked swiss!" 

- Karen G./ San Antonio
May 18, 2015


- "We went to your booth at the Farmers Market at Half Price Books. The representative was very knowledgeable and told us the story behind the Van Sormon cheese. The cheese never made it as far as the house. We tore it open in the car and my 4-year old LOVED it. He even asked if he could eat the rind. Great and unique product!" 

- Kaye L. 
May 3, 2015


- "Omg! We got the smoked Gouda at the new Braunfels farmers market and it is TO DIE FOR!!! Super delicious and melts in your mouth!!" 

- Melissa B. 
April 26, 2015 


  - "Whenever my wife and I are in Houston selling our cheese at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market near the Galleria, we make a point to visit our favorite Lebanese restaurant. In the process, we have made friends with Chuck and Nadia, owners of Skewers Mediterranean Grill. Chuck wrote me after my last visit."

Dear Garry,
I like to thank you for visiting Skewers the other day and leaving me some of your great cheese. The cheese was excellent. I never liked the smoke cheese before. Usually the smoked taste overwhelms the taste of the cheese but not your cheese. It was soft, but very sophisticated, very well balanced with a distinctive characteristic taste. The two pieces of cheese lasted only two days. :)
I am looking forward to seeing you and thank you again.

- Chuck
March 31, 2015


- "Took some of the Horse Radish cheese camping..That’s all people were talking about….IT WAS THE BEST CHEESE WE HAVE EVER HAD." 

- J.M. 
February 24, 2015


"The cheese we bought was just delicious.  I particularly liked the cow's milk cheese that was prepared as chevre." 
- Kristen B.
December 2014


- "We made duck (hunted by my fiancé) stuffed with Brazos Valley Mango and Jalapeño Cheese Spread and sliced jalapeños wrapped in bacon. Amazing!!

Hope you and your family enjoy the holiday!" 

- Andrea 
November 27, 2014


- "I was introduced to your cheeses at the San Antonio farmers market while visiting my daughter, when I bought the Van Sorman-- it was amazing! I was excited to find you, also, at the Houston market ( I live in Houston) and bought more. I, also, bought the marinated feta and loved what I tried. It is hard to resist!" 

- Jean P. 
November 18, 2014

- "I bought some cheese at Downtown Arlington Farmers Market yesterday...well perhaps I bought a lot. Anyway, I've been sitting here nibbling and nibbling, and cutting off some more, and nibbling some more...I can't stop! This stuff is SO GOOD. Your representative was very informative and explained everything. I hope I can pace myself so I don't run out before my next shopping spree." 

- Launa V.
August 25, 2014

- "Yes, Marc, the package arrived in the morning. My wife and I enjoyed an evening with your great cheeses, a fresh loaf of sourdough, and we popped a bottle of champagne to go with it. Thanks again"

- Dave
July 16, 2014

- "Just got home from our “road trip” with the grandkids …. And I wanted to thank you again for telling us about cheese making.  I learned lots! 
And – we’re all enjoying the delicious Swiss cheese!!"

- June P.
July 12, 2014


- After sampling our cheese at the Richardson Farmers Market, a customer wrote us saying, "Your cheese is simply amazing. We tried several (your vendor was great) but it was the Swiss that stole our hearts today. Thank you so very much!‚Äč"

- Betsy P.
July 5, 2014


 - We bought some cheese from you at the Dallas Farmers Market. How often are you guys there. We will definitely be buying some more from you. It was out of this world.

- Liz H. 
June 18,2014

Hi Marc...received the cheese this morning and enjoying it this evening! They are both wonderful. The Brie is the best I have ever had. My job takes me all over the world and thought the best was always in France. Your Brie has changed my mind. Yours is the best!!! Thanks for producing a wonderful product

-One Happy Cheese Lover!
Hempstead, TX

"I am a chef who supports her local farmers and knows the importance of doing so. Brazos Valley Cheese was the first local cheese I ever tasted when I first moved to Texas. I Have been using it ever since. I often use their white cheddar in my mac n' cheese, their brie on our croutons for our roasted beet salad, or their Horseradish Pecan Cheddar in a savory bread pudding. Knowing that I am using a superior cheese made from raw cows milk and that I am supporting a local cheese maker makes me proud to know that I am using the best local ingredients available to me. As a chef, that is very important. Local is the new "organic",  and having a great local cheese maker such as Brazos Valley allows me to achieve just that."

-Jennifer Newbold 
Executive Chef
Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen
Dallas, TX
"I met Marc from Brazos Valley Cheese about 2 years ago when I first moved to Texas. I was looking to get local product for our restaurant CAST IRON and I came across their cheeses. That summer my team and I took a trip to their cheese shop and we were really impressed. We even had the chance to visit their brand new cave.
Since then we have been using Brazos Valley Cheese everywhere; in the restaurant, catering, and specialty VIP events. We even once featured their cheese at our monthly Wine Dinner and Marc's attendance and presentation was warmly received and appreciated.Great cheese, great passion, and great story."
-Sebastien Layen 
Executive Chef 
Omni Fort Worth Hotel
Fort Worth, TX
"I use local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients in my kitchen, including Brazos Valley Cheese.  I know I can trust Brazos Valley Cheese to be of the highest quality, and made with all-natural ingredients and without additives or preservatives.  They show great pride and love in what they produce, and that’s important to me."
-Molly McCook 
Executive Chef/Owner
Ellerbe Fine Foods
Fort Worth, TX 
"Brazos Valley cheeses reflect the spirit of American craftsmanship. Both the European styled cheeses & the original recipes have the nuance, complexity & length to place them among the finest cheeses to grace our customer's tables. They're truly world class & we are proud to carry them!"
-Vincent Salas
Manager / Cheesemonger
Goose the Market
Indianapolis, IN
"I really like Brazos Valley Cheese and use their products in several of my restaurants. Their commitment to quality and Artisan foods says a lot to the whole local movement. We have been using their products since their inception. I am impressed at how they have built up their business in such a short time. "
-Kent Rathbun
Executive Chef and Partner
Kent Rathbun Concepts 



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