Learn How to Make Cheeseboards

What Is a Cheeseboard?

A cheeseboard is an enjoyable arrangement of cheese and other treats arranged on a board or platter. In addition to cheese, a cheeseboard might contain roasted nuts, olives, peppers, jellies -- even chocolates.

It’s a beautiful way to present food, yet you don’t have to spend all day preparing it.

A smaller cheeseboard can be a quick lunch for you and a friend.

A larger cheese platter can be the main appetizer or even a meal for a festive occasion, like a birthday party, an office party, or a family gathering.

With chocolate and dried fruit, you can make a dessert cheeseboard.

The final step in assembling the platter

Cheese Platters Are Expandable

You can make them for any size gathering.

For a wedding reception, one or more table-sized arrangements (grazing tables) are elegant enough for the occasion and can feed any number of guests.

Completed fruit and nut cheeseboard

Cheese Platters Have Something for Everyone

As mentioned earlier, there’s something for everyone.

Your special guest doesn't like olives? She can skip them and enjoy some roasted hazelnuts instead. Another friend doesn't care for Blue cheese? He can select something milder from the board, like Gouda.

And you can customize them as you make them for the people you’re planning to feed.

Realize near the last minute that you're missing a key ingredient you had planned to use? You can substitute something similar but different from your pantry without a problem.

How to Make Cheeseboards

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