Our Parmesan is a hard cheese with a pleasantly strong aroma and hints of spice.

Size: 1/2 lb.*

*We cut and package each cheese wedge by hand, so size of any individual cheese wedge may vary from 0.4 to 0.6 pounds.

How to order:

To place an order, please call us at (254) 723-4777 between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Central time).

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Parmesan originated in the 1200s in monasteries in Parma, Italy where it was made from cow’s milk, rennet and salt harvested from salt mines. Records as far back as the 1300s describe it being grated over pasta such as macaroni and ravioli.

We make Parmesan using cow’s milk from a local dairy. Then we age it in our underground cheese cave for 6 to 10 months to develop the distinct flavor.

Serving suggestions

Parmesan is a traditional garnish for pasta dishes and salads. When used on cheese platters, it goes well with fresh fruits and nuts. It can be grated into soups or onto vegetable dishes to enhance the flavor.