Havarti is a delicately flavored, versatile cheese.

Size: 1/2 lb.*

*We cut and package each cheese wedge by hand, so size of any individual cheese wedge may vary from 0.4 to 0.6 pounds.

How to order:

To place an order, please call us at (254) 723-4777 between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Central time).

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Havarti was originally developed in Denmark in the 1800s by Hanne Nielsen, the wife of a dairy farmer. After beginning to make butter and cheese from the milk produced on their farm, Hanne traveled throughout Europe to learn more about cheese making. She then took what she learned and began to experiment, making various types of cheese, one of which became known as “Haverthi” and later “Havarti.”

Havarti is a washed-curd cheese, meaning that once the curds have been cut, a portion of the whey is drained off and then the curds are “washed” with water to dilute the whey, resulting in a milder flavor.

Serving Suggestions

Our Plain Havarti melts easily, making it an excellent choice for special grilled cheese sandwiches. It can add balance to cheeseboards when used alongside more strongly flavored cheeses. Other ideas include grating or slicing it onto cooked meats or vegetables.